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Emergency First Aid or First Aid at Work?


One colleague listening to another to depict what mental health first aid may look like
We all know how important first aid training is, whether it’s in an emergency situation or in everyday life.  Having a basic understanding of how to help someone in need can be invaluable. Knowing how to properly assess a situation and provide the necessary help can be the difference between life and death.


What is the difference between First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid training courses?

Simply put, The First Aid at Work (FAW) Course is a 3-day training programme which goes into a lot of detail about a lot of topics, to enable first aiders to provide care for a whole range of categories.  Emergency First Aid training specifically addresses how to respond to injuries that are deemed as life-threatening It covers topics such as CPR, dealing with bleeding and burns, and providing initial care until professional medical help arrives.

Benefits of emergency first aid training

Obviously, we are going to say that emergency first aid training is absolutely invaluable but it really is – especially if you already hold a different first aid certificate because you already have been trained in how to remain calm under pressure and take control of the situation and are someone people already look to for help.

Emergency first aid training is beneficial for yourself, but also for the people around you – this includes family, friends, colleagues, and strangers alike. Knowing how to act quickly and appropriately in an emergency can relieve pain, assess risk, and, in some cases, even save lives.  In workplaces in particular, first aid training could be the cornerstone of dealing with a medical emergency until professional medical help arrives.

Who needs emergency first aid at work?

This might sound like a vague answer, but anyone who works in any environment might need emergency first aid at some point. This could be due to any number of reasons, and it doesn’t matter what job role someone might have, so it is important to have someone at work who is trained and qualified to respond to these cases properly.

From employers in an office setting to individuals working in the hospitality industry, or even on a worksite, having the right people properly trained to react quickly in an emergency could be the difference between life and death.

Employers’ responsibilities

If you are an employer, it is essential to prioritise the safety and welfare of your employees. Creating a secure work environment not only safeguards your staff from harm but also enhances productivity and boosts morale. In the UK, employers are legally obliged to offer first aid assistance to their employees in case of work-related injuries or illnesses. It is highly recommended to extend first aid provision to anyone who visits your workplace.

Undertaking emergency first aid at work training

The Emergency First Aid at Work 1 Day course is specifically designed for individuals who require knowledge of first aid but may not be the designated first aider. It is important to choose a course that is not only comprehensive, but also fully accredited by the HSE.

Emergency First Aid Training needs to make sure that participants receive up-to-date and reliable information and covers important topics such as understanding the role of a first aider, the importance of reporting accidents, and how to act safely and effectively in an emergency.

Participants will also learn vital skills, including caring for an unconscious casualty, performing CPR, managing blood loss and shock, treating minor burns and scalds, addressing choking incidents, preventing cross infection, and utilising available first aid equipment.

Our own training course is particularly suitable for workplaces with less than 100 staff members, lower risk workplaces like shops and offices. and individuals who require basic first aid knowledge, such as freelancers. The Emergency First Aid at Work course gives you the necessary skills and confidence to effectively respond to emergencies and potentially save lives.

 Knowing When to Administer Emergency First Aid

Knowing when to administer first aid is as important as knowing how and can make a significant difference to the outcome. When faced with a serious injury, it is strongly advised that emergency first aid is applied as soon as possible; if the injury is grave, you need to contact the emergency services and deliver basic first aid until assistance arrives. If ever in doubt, always make sure to seek professional medical advice.

Emergency first aid training can give people the peace of mind that in an emergency situation, they would know what to do. The main benefit of first aid training is that it teaches individuals and organisations how to respond to situations in a calm and collected manner. It covers basic topics such as how to check a patient’s airways, breathing, and circulation, how to administer CPR, how to deal with choking or bleeding, and how to control shock.

Make sure you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively in emergency situations and take the first (or second) step with STS First Aid.

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