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Emergency defibrillator usage
12 Oct 2015

Where do I store my Defibrillator?

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“We have just bought an AED, but not too sure where to place it?”


Once you have decided on purchasing a defibrillator, you need to think about where to store it.  You don’t want it hidden away and out of sight, but at the same time you don’t want it too accessible in case it goes missing.

Two main options are an alarmed cabinet or a wall bracket.

The alarmed cabinet is a good idea if its open to the public or with an area of a lot of footfall. Its closed, so cant be accessed without everyone knowing. If the door is opened and the AED lifted; the alarm goes and lets the first aiders that they may be called upon. You may have seen these in public places and not even realised what is inside:

The wall bracket may be a good idea if its in a closed office, or an office where members of the public dont access. Its readily available and on show, so staff may get used to seeing the AED and more likely to use it if required.

As an example – a school that we recently supplied two AED’s for. One is stored in an alarmed cabinet in the main hall which is at the centre of the school. The medical room and admin staff are within earshot of the alarm. The other AED is in the school office, behind reception and is on a wall bracket.

Both are well sign posted and marked to show their location to staff and visitors. Having them on show, but not obtrusive, acts as a constant reminder that they are available and ready to use.

Defibs save lives; be comfortable in using them. They take a lot of the responsibility of decision making away from the first aider. If you are not too sure where to store it, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.