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12 Jul 2018

Ten reasons to learn First Aid

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First aid is exactly what it says on the tin.

It describes the primary person there to help someone in a situation that looks a bit tricky (or sticky depending on how many plasters you may need to use.) It’s not meant to make you feel like a doctor or a paramedic or a neurosurgeon. It’s meant to boost your confidence to be able to put specific skills into practice should you need to.

In light of the New Year, we wanted to share with you ten reasons to learn first aid so that you can get 2018 off to an inspiring start.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn First Aid

1. You never know when you might need it.

Whether it’s on a friend, a family member or a perfect stranger, your first aid skills and knowledge could be handy anywhere at any time.

2. To show off!

We understand that nobody likes a know-it-all but sometimes that extra little bit of information can go a long way. Not just in relation to boasting that you know what CPR stands for (cardiopulmonary resuscitation…you’re welcome) but being able to explain some of that scientific detail. Knowing that bit more can take you from understanding HOW people do something in first aid to WHY people do something.

3. To open up new opportunities.

For a lot of jobs, an employer might look favourably on a CV that says ‘first aid trained.’ It may also place you in good stead should you want to volunteer for occasions such a festivals or sporting events.

4. To challenge yourself.

Maybe you’ve already found yourself in a first aid scenario and not known what to do. Maybe you feel as though you failed someone in that position and first aid scares you. It’s a difficult but admirable thing to do something that frightens you. Why not make it a first aid course?

5. To encourage others.

Sharing stories and anecdotes of when you might have helped someone could spur on your peers or colleagues to take part. The more people who have these skills the less we all are at risk.

6. The current climate of our world.

If we look back over the past year, there have been so many tragedies. Not just terrorist attacks such as Manchester, London Bridge and Westminster but even natural disasters like the hurricanes in the Caribbean and Texas. First aid allows us to help in all of these scenarios.

7. It’s interesting!

Believe it or not but you might be surprised by the sort of things you learn on a first aid course. So many people we teach come in assuming it’s going to be boring and that they’re only there to tick a box. However it’s not just about reiterating common sense or telling you to dial 999. The anatomy is an amazing thing and you may well learn and enjoy it more than you expected.

8. Perspective.

Some of the stories you might hear whilst learning first aid can be very humbling. You may hear about how someone has lost a member of their family to a stroke or a heart attack or how someone witnessed their partner suffer badly from a seizure. First aid can really put things into perspective enabling you to focus on things that might be that little bit more important.

9. Inspiration.

It could be that you just need something different in your life right now. You’re bored. You’re fed up. You want to learn something new. First aid truly can be inspiring and not just a reason to get out of work for three days!

10. You could save somebody’s life.

Above all else. Surely that’s enough said isn’t it?! There are many personal achievements we may strive to reach in our lifetimes but little that could compare with giving somebody else a second chance to reach theirs.