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First Aid At Work 3 Day
  • First Aid At Work 3 Day

    Fully accredited First aid at work 3 day course. This first aid training course is for anyone wanting to become a qualified first aider.

  • First Aid training - plasters Emergency First Aid At Work – 1 Day

    Fully Accredited Emergency First Aid at Work course. This is a one day course which follows the HSE recognised Ofqual accredited syllabus. It aims to provide pupils with the essential principles of First Aid and how to apply them to an emergency setting.

  • First Aid Training - CPR Dummy First Aid At Work Re-Qualification

    This course is designed for those who have already qualified and who need to refresh their existing First Aid skills in line with HSE recommendations. Fully Accredited qualification.

  • Paediatric First Aid – 2 Day

    This course provides specific First Aid Training for those who look after children and babies (under 5s).

  • Paediatric First Aid – Half Day

    In line with HSE recommendations, we offer a course allowing those who hold a valid First Aid at Work certificate to add Paediatric First Aid to their qualifications. This Paediatric First Aid – Half Daycourse focuses specifically on First Aid situations involving children and babies.

  • First Aid For School Support Staff

    The First Aid For School Support Staff training course is a half day session that would match the needs of your school (SMSA’s and TA’s for example).

  • First Aid Annual Skills Update

    This First Aid Annual Skills Update 3-hour course allows delegates to refresh their existing First Aid skills.

  • First aid for Primary School children

    Fun, interactive and engaging first aid courses for primary school children

  • AED – Defibrillator Training Course

    The fact is, AED’s save lives. Research shows that if you can get a Defibrillator to a casualty within 3 minutes, the success rate goes up to a staggering 75%. An AED – Defibrillator Training Course can make a huge difference in helping to save lives.

  • Mental Health First Aid 2 Day

    To become a Mental Health First Aider you must complete a two day MHFA course. This comprehensive awareness and skills course includes a mix of presentations, discussions and group work activities.

  • Mental Health for Secondary School pupils

    Bespoke session aimed at Secondary Schools; for staff to have a better understanding of dealing with teenage mental health issues

  • Citizen Aid

    Would you know how to react in the event of a terrorist attack? Our Citizen Aid Training Course focuses on preparing you for Shooting, Stabbing or Bomb Explosion situations.

  • Epi-Pen and Anaphylaxis

    This short, interactive Epi-Pen and Anaphylaxis training course will teach learners a number of key skills. Like how to identify, treat and help a casualty suffering with Anaphylactic Shock.

    This short 2/3 hour training course helps to introduce learners to the subject of Anaphylaxis. A large part of this is how it can be treated through the use of an auto injector device. This is done through short lectures, real life videos and practical demos.
    Pupils will gain info on what causes Anaphylaxis to occur and the main symptoms associated with the condition. The trainer will show the effective use of the EpiPen and allow learners to practice.
  • First aid for Pets

    Would you know what to do if your pet cat or dog stopped breathing? Pets have accidents the same as humans and knowing what to do should the worst happen is a simple thing to learn with basic First aid for Pets training.