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AED Lifepak CR Plus – Full Automatic

AED Lifepak CR Plus – Full Automatic

£835.00 (excl. VAT)

Easy to use

AED Lifepak CR Plus has been manufactured as a simple-to-use and reliable defibrillator unit and has become one of the most recognised AED’s around.

Why so easy? Well once you have applied the pads to the patient; it does all the rest. The Defib delivers a life saving shock if required. It has escalating power, so gives a larger shock if its deemed necessary.

Key Features

  • Pre-connected electrode pads and easy-to-understand illustrations
  • Voice and visual instructions for the lay responder make the rescue process easier to perform
  • Built to the tough specifications of emergency medical services teams, it withstands rough treatment and can travel without damage
  • No shock button to push, the CR Plus delivers a shock only when it determines the heart needs it
  • Self diagnostic tests, indicating that your AED is always rescue ready.

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AED CR plus

AED Lifepak CR Plus – Full Automatic:

The fully automatic Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus defibrillator can be used by responders, with little or no experience when treating a sudden cardiac arrest victim.

A clear display tells the user when the defibrillator is ready for operation and sounds voice prompts to help explain what to do and to keep the user calm under pressure. Once the electrodes have been applied to the patient, the fully automatic CR Plus defibrillator analyses the patient and, if needed, delivers a shock without the need for manual input.



  • Fully-Automatic Defib unit – administers a shock with the press of a button
  • Supplied with two sets of adult pads, battery and free carry case
  • 8 year manufacturers warranty
  • 2 year battery standby life
  • 2 year electrode pad life (from date of manufacture)
  • Weekly and monthly automatic self-tests performed by the unit
  • Provides voice prompts & quick reference card to help guide the rescuer throughout treatment
  • Pre-connected electrode pads
  • Clear display shows the user when the defibrillator is ready for operation
  • Low battery indicator to tell the user when the battery needs replacing
  • Event log report time stamps operator and device activity
  • Starts to analyse the patient’s heart rhythm when the electrodes are applied
  • Replaceable CHARGE-PAK charger provides a constant trickle charge to the internal battery
  • Enhances the chance of defibrillator success by escalating the energy shock level where needed
  • Child/infant pads for patients up to 8 years old are also available to purchase separately


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