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Huge First Aid Kit
9 Jun 2016

No First Aid Kit – No Panic!

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Wouldn’t it be lovely to always have a first aid kit with you, full stocked for every eventuality. Unless you drive an ambulance every day, its unlikely you will always have one to hand… but there are a few ways you can improvise a first aid kit.

Recently, my 7 year old daughter had a nose bleed on the top deck of the bus whilst travelling down Oxford Street. Between the two of us; we just couldn’t stop it… we ended up catching the blood in a plastic bag and using a tampon from a helpful passenger to stem the flow. Unravelled, it made a great tool to reduce the flow of blood.

There are several other options if you haven’t got a first aid kit to hand though:


If you don’t have water to hand… use Juice… Beer.. Milk; anything that is a cool liquid in fact! Your priority is to cool the area as soon as possible. Try and cool it for 10 minutes if possible; or at least until the pain has subsided.




If you don’t have cling film to cover the burn.. use a plastic bag…a sandwich / freezer bag… Use something that is non-sticky and non-fluffy to stop infection by creating a barrier. These work really well when covering a hand or foot.


Broken bones:

BlanketIf you aren’t sure what sort of padding to use to support the broken bone… use clothing… blankets… pillows… bubble wrap…. or just hold the area until further medical assistance is sought.

If trying to put on an elevated sling…. use a tie… a scarf.. a belt… or even pin the sleeve to their own clothing!


Heavy Bleeding:

tea towelIf you haven’t got dressings to hand… use a t-shirt… a tea-towel…socks (clean!).. or their own hand to stem the flow of blood. I have used a clean nappy over the park to treat a child who had fallen of their bike and cut their head open.

A Tampon or sanitary towel works great to stem the flow of blood too; especially a tampon knocked out too!


Injury to the mouth:

Frozen water lolly

Children in particular have a tendency to fall over and injure their mouths… Ice cubes work great to reduce swelling of a fat lip…but ice lollies would also work. Cold bottles of water from the ice-cream van can be an improvised ice pack too.



A bag of peas works wonders on soft tissue injuries (as well as bruises / swellings). We aren’t all lucky enough to carry an instant ice pack around with us; but even if we do, they may not conform to an injury like a good old bag of peas do…


Diabetic Emergency:
rola cola
If Glucose tablets aren’t available… use Jelly Babies (or any other type of sweet)…  use a Mars Bar… a can of Coke… anything that has sugar in – anything fizzy and fluid is the best option, but even a sugar cube in water would help.


jelly babies



Its always best to plan ahead, and take a few minimal items if you are going out for the day. A first aid kit in the car should be a pre-requisite, but even if you are on the top deck of a bus you can still treat a casualty… but you may have to treat them to an ice-cream afterwards!!
We sell all items for first aid kits; but sadly not the jelly babies or Rola Cola…