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Evac-Chair Training

It is no longer the responsibility of the fire service to rescue people from your premises. It is therefore vitally important to have staff on hand to correctly evacuate those who may struggle down the stairs in the event of an emergency. Not only those in wheelchairs, but anyone who may have mobility issues. The course will give staff the confidence and awareness of the importance of back care and how to reduce risk of injury.

Evac chair

Who is it for?

Practical course, ideally suited for staff who are willing and able to assist in an evacuation of a member of staff / visitor.

What is covered?

Safe refuge
Protected areas
Risk assessment
Practical scenarios


Certificate is valid for a year

Course Fee (ex VAT)

Prices from £295 per course, discounted if the evacuation chair is bought through STS.

Inhouse Enquiry Form

In-house courses are a flexible and cost effective way to train a group of staff. We tailor courses for your organisation’s specific requirements. These can take place at your premises or at one of our training centres in Central or North London.
In addition, for those organisations who regularly have to train/refresh their staff qualifications, we operate a contract service.
The benefits of doing this are that we make sure that through us, you are able to:

  • Keep track of what training your company has had
  • Receive reminders for refresher training
  • Arrange regular sessions for new joiners.

Contact us here to request more details or book an in-house course for your organisation.

4 or more people attending?

If you have a group of people, it is usually a better option to run a course on your premises. On times and dates to suit you and a location of your choice. We will fit into your schedule, rather than you fitting into ours. We dont have a minimum number of delegates for our in-house courses

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