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First Aid For Pets

We don’t often think about our pets when we think about first aid training but our pets are part of our family. Learn how to help your pet until you get them to the vet on this half-day course.

First Aid For Pets Training Course

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Duration Half Day

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3 Years Certification

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When people think of first aid, they often do not think about their pets. Pets have accidents the same as humans and knowing what to do should the worst happen is a simple thing to learn with basic training. Pet first aid is not aimed to replace veterinary care but it will help you to recognise an emergency, calm your pet and reduce the risks of delayed treatment.

Learning pet first aid is fun and informative and will give you the skills to deal with a pet emergency should it arise.

Course Agenda

Introduction to Pet First Aid

  • Pet First Aid Training Course Overview
  • Pet First Aid and the Law
  • Keeping Your Pet Safe in an Emergency
  • How Pets Show Pain
  • Checking Your Pet’s Health and Finding Out What is Normal
  • Taking a Pulse

CPR, Pet Accidents and First Aid

  • Breathing and Respiratory Problems

Medical Conditions

  • Types of Bleeding
  • Dressings, bandages and Controlling Bleeding
  • Pet Wrap Bandages
  • Paw Problems
  • Ears, Eyes, and Mouth
  • Poisoning, Bites, and Stings
  • High Temperatures and Heatstroke
  • Hypothermia
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Choking

Different types and sizes of animals

  • The older dog
  • Small dog care
  • Pet First Aid Kits
  • Summary of Pet First aid

Bespoke Course, with certificate of attendance valid for 3 years

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for pet owners or pet professionals. It covers the main first aid subjects for Dogs and Cats but this information is also suitable for most other animals. Understanding basic first aid for your pet will give you the skills to assist them and prevent them from getting worse before professional help is given by your vet.

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