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8 Sep 2017

Children can be heroes too – Children learning first aid

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I’m sure some of you have heard those stories about how young children have stepped up to the plate in times of an emergency. Whether it was a little girl calling 999 after seeing mummy collapse or whether it was a young boy who saved somebody from choking by smacking them on their back. Only recently, there has been a story of a 10-year-old boy who saved his brother’s life by commencing CPR after seeing Dwayne Johnson perform it in his film ‘San Andreas’.

Now…admittedly we don’t usually point people in the direction of Hollywood movies or TV dramas in order to learn first aid. If we did, we would have children and adults going all Pulp Fiction on us and stabbing people in the chest with epi-pens (for those of who you don’t know, they go in the thigh. Don’t panic.) Having said that, it does bring about the topic in general of children learning first aid.

Back In 2015, the Emergency First Aid Education Bill was designed in order to have first aid taught as a mandatory subject in secondary schools. Unfortunately on the 20th November that year, the bill was unable to pass through the difficult stages of parliamentary, leaving schools, sadly, first aid-less.

There are many topics in school that are fascinating and useful. However, if you look back and think about your years in education, do you think that first aid would have been undeniably confidence boosting at perhaps 10-11 years old?

We definitely do.

We learnt how to make a quiche back at school and can confidently say that we haven’t made one since. We also never did find out what the value of ‘x’ was in that algebra equation.

But did we learn how to press on someone’s chest to keep their blood circulating around their body? Did we learn where to deliver back blows effectively so that they were forceful enough to vibrate the airways and shake the object loose?

First aid for children doesn’t need to be complicated. The simpler it is, the easier it is for them to retain the knowledge.

The amount of people we ask on a daily basis, “Have you done first aid before?” To which the response is often, “Yes but not since I was in Brownies or Scouts, I can’t remember any of it.” These people then proceed to demonstrate near perfect recovery positions and spot on treatment for serious bleeds. They surprise themselves with how much they remember from such a young age.

It shows us as first aid trainers, that planting this important seed of knowing how and when to help someone in an emergency and knowing that it’s ok to do so is effective and lifelong.

Will their knowledge remain flawless from one first aid session at 10 years old? Perhaps not, but let’s be honest…how many of you have recently done a first aid course recently and can’t remember what to do if someone is suffering from a severe allergic reaction?!

But what if their first aid session ignites something inside them and sends them on the path to becoming a doctor or a nurse? Or they simply stumble across someone having a seizure on their way home from school and know how to sort it?

Even if these things never present themselves, the idea of knowing that they can help someone in need is something that should be reassuring to us all.

We understand the importance of this so at STS we deliver to children. From theory about the body to games with bandages and CPR, we know how to keep these kids engaged.

If there’s ever an opportunity for your child to learn basic first aid skills, please encourage it, even if it’s just you passing on the knowledge that you have learnt from your first aid experience. Contact us if you’ve got a group of children interested in becoming the next first aid heroes…

Imagine the world we could live in if every child became a life saver.